Friday, 11 December 2015

Boredom to Roar-dom

It feels so long since I wrote anything here, and I  reality, it is.

I stepped out for a while, feeling that possibly, I had come to a place where I didn't have much to say.  Immersed in other pursuits, I allowed time to run away from me, feeling that the things I wanted to blog about were being covered, more eloquently and with more experience than I could portray.

But having spent the past few months 'down the rabbit hole' the one thing I have learned is that everybody's voice matters. 

So, as much as I may sometimes not be mainstream or conventional and be waaaaaay out of the box, I can still allow myself to rumble in the background. 

What I speak is from the heart, it only takes other lions among the flock to hear my little roar, to recognise kinship, and have the courage to just be who they truly are.  

Osho Zen Tarot
It's time to be heard, to be seen and to have the courage to stand in our own truth. Remove the illusion that, if what you think, feel or believe doesn't conform then you are wrong.  
Who made the rules anyway?  
Sometimes breaking them is the only way to free ourselves from the societal restrictions that stop us being who we are meant to be..........

In the words of a man who has done just that, we are all that ever was, is and ever can be.